Volunteer Opportunities

Education Program Assistant

 Working in a variety of areas, Education Program Assistants will be responsible for delivering education programs and leading workshops for school, day camp and tour groups, as well as interpreting the Museum for visitors and creating educational programs. Whether your interests are in science, history, or museum education, this is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills with public engagement in an educational setting. 

Library and Archives Assistant

 Our library provides the public with an incredible collection of artifacts and research materials on the energy sector. If you are interested in gaining experience organizing and categorising materials, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 

French Language Assistants

 If you are looking to gain experience using your language skills, this opportunity will enable you to be involved in both public engagement and education practices. Under the supervision of our Education Program Coordinator, this opportunity will be highly diverse and enable you to use your French language skills in multiple ways.

Museum Administration Assistant

 If you are looking for experience in administration or museum management, this opportunity will enable you to work with our museum professionals, gaining experience in a museum office setting, and may involve things such as grant writing, event coordination, and mar-comm.

Natural History and Engineering Science Assistant

 This opportunity will allow you to engage with the public under the guidance of our Education Program Coordinator and experienced engineers, scientists, and geologists involved with our museum. If you have a passion for science, engineering, geology, or renewable and non-renewable resources, this is a fantastic opportunity. From involvement with our off-site events which will get you out of the office to in-house events which will enable you to hone your skills in public speaking and event coordination, this diverse role is excellent for those who are interested in the science of the energy sector.