Leduc #1


Leduc #1


Energy Discovery Centre

Energy Discovery Centre



This is a one day course designed to familiarize non-technical personnel on the activities of the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is essentially split into three sectors – upstream, midstream, and downstream. Attendees of this course will learn the components of the upstream sector – the exploration and production of oil and gas; the components of the midstream sector – transportation; and the components of the downstream sector – production and shipping of oil and gas to refineries or plants.





  • History of Canadian Oil
  • Geology & Exploration
  • Land Access
  • Types of Rigs: Onshore & Offshore
  • Drilling & Well Completion
  • Pipelines
  • Production
  • Oil Sands
  • Managing Risks





RECOGNIZE the importance of the oil and gas industry in Alberta and its global context.


UNDERSTAND the basic steps, technology and people involved in the process of extraction of resources.


CONNECT the petroleum industry to our everyday lives and explore how the industry affects all Canadians.


INFORMED of the environmental impacts of the oil industry and what it is doing to guarantee sustainability.





History of the Oil Industry: oil in Canada, oil in Alberta and Leduc #1


Geology: formation of oil and gas, billion dollar rock and seismic exploration.


Land Access: Leduc #1 historic land tenure, surface & mineral rights, mineral leases and tenure.


Types of Rigs: onshore and offshore.


Drilling & Well Completion: processes, drill bits & fluids, directional & horizontal drilling, casing, cementing, tubing, perforation, fracturing, abandonment and reclamation.


Pipelines: fluids, pumps & compressors, pigs and types.


Production: processes, crude oil, natural gas and refineries.


Oil Sands: surface mining & extraction, SAGD, and reclamation.


Managing Risks: H2S and potential risks






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 In 1997, we opened our doors to commemorate the historic discovery of oil at the Leduc #1 well and to showcase Canada’s oil and gas industry to the world.