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Friday 22nd April


Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre launches Canada’s first oil well-to-geothermal conversion and a plan to become the world’s first carbon neutral oil museum


The Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre, Devon, at the heritage site of the Leduc #1 Discovery Well that changed Alberta, is converting an abandoned oil well to capture geothermal energy—a first in Canada. It is part of the $1.4 million Living Energy Project, launched on April 22nd, which will put the Centre on a path to become the world’s first carbon neutral oil museum.


Its orchestra of displays include North America’s largest sun-tracking solar power unit, and a wind turbine mounted on an oil rig derrick powering the geosystem’s pumps.


Marg McCuaig-Boyd, Minister of Energy says, “Albertans are known worldwide for our ingenuity and can-do spirit. We see opportunity where others don’t. The Living Energy Project at the Leduc Discovery Centre is an excellent example of how Albertans are working to create a healthier future for our province.  I extend my congratulations to everyone behind this transformative project.”


Imagine this….


Visitors stand on a platform surrounded by live energy production of geo, solar, wind, oil, and gas, which they smell, feel, hear and see as they interact with the energy systems through a touch display, and a voice commands the systems to store power, give more heat, turn off lights….


At the heart of the pulsing project beats an ultra-smart energy operations system, featuring gas-fueled advanced combined heat and power technology that provides heat and power on command. The energy operations platform also calls out to the

converted well’s pump telling it to speed up or slow down as it anticipates the

building’s heat needs and power peaks—Canada’s first smart geo-system.


This hydrocarbons-renewables bridging technology, invented for Leduc #1, includes the first deployment in Canada of leading hybrid-inverter AC-DC technology, which boosts efficiency at the interface of the central power storage system and the renewable energy units that feed it. The solar systems are mobile, built by oil service firms and designed for Alberta’s Oil Patch and harsh climate—renewable energy is cheaper at remote, off-grid oil fields than trucking in diesel for generators.


President and CEO of Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) Mark Salkeld says, “The Living Energy Project highlights the diversity, innovation and ingenuity of the Canadian energy industry and in particular shows off the continuing development of all energy resources, using renewables to help move us from the past to the future. Canada is a recognized leader in responsible energy development and it is Canada’s ongoing responsibility to raise awareness and share so everyone can benefit from our efforts. The Living Energy Project exemplifies this.”


The project boosts Alberta’s economic diversification, attracting Swiss capital and German technology transfer. A key, Nisku-based oil service company making the solar systems is First Nations-owned, and has gone from contracting in the slump to expanding and hiring as it creates a renewables division. The wind turbine-derrick system is made by a Calgary oil patch steel firm. Inspired by Leduc #1, these service firms have pivoted to renewables during this downturn.


Tim Hawkins, President, Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre says, “The Living Energy Project is an exciting and unique addition to the Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre. It will allow us to better showcase the Albertan energy industry, which has always been recognized, around the world, as a leader in its innovations and latest technologies. This new showcase will allow people to learn, experience and provide a platform to discuss alternative energy.”

The Living Energy Project creates a park to showcase oil industry green & black technologies and Albertan inventiveness. It creates a platform for future energy system innovations.


This shovel-ready project generates international publicity and awareness and helps market the Canadian energy sector as clean, lean and innovative.


Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks says, “Leduc Discovery Centre’s effort is a demonstration of how Alberta is building on our traditional strengths in energy development to take real steps to reduce emissions and create new opportunities in an increasingly diverse energy future.”



The Living Energy Project combines The Green & The Black –A new partnership.


For more information on this Press Release contact Cheryl Lawrence, Executive Director, Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre. 780-987-4323.


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 In 1997, we opened our doors to commemorate the historic discovery of oil at the Leduc #1 well and to showcase Canada’s oil and gas industry to the world.